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Reviews & Testimonials

“A lovely, sparse soundtrack that perfectly complements the visual style and turns the whole experience into an unusually meditative one.” (Airborne Kingdom)


“The aesthetics of Airborne Kingdom are truly unique. One thing that really stood out was the music, as it had a sort of Middle Eastern sound to it that is so woefully underexplored. The aesthetics definitely shine through, a beautiful experience for the eyes and ears.”


“Airborne Kingdom is a wonderful city builder that stands out from the crowd thanks to its delightful visuals and unforgettable original soundtrack.”


"A beautiful twist on the city-building genre, Airborne Kingdom is a fascinating journey with innovative gameplay mechanics, a stirring soundtrack, and a sense of exploration that flies high."

Critical Hit

“Airborne Kingdom is a feast for the eyes and ears.”

SA Gamer

“Airborne Kingdom breathes new life into the city-building genre with its unique concept, innovative mechanics, and enjoyable exploration. Together with the gorgeous visuals and awesome music, these features allow Airborne Kingdom to soar above the rest of the genre.”

Windows Central

“Airborne Kingdom truly offers you the complete sight-and-sound package and is one of the best games out there in this regard.”


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